CSCA08 Final Review Seminar

We will be hosting a final review seminar for CSCA08. Info can be found under the "Events" page.

2017-12-05Mohammad Moustafa

CSCA67 Office Hours Cancelled

CSCA67 Office hours are cancelled for this Wednesday, November 22nd

2017-11-21Mohammad Moustafa

MATB41 Office hours

MATB41 Office hours are cancelled for this Wednesday, November 22nd.

2017-11-21Angela Zavaleta

CSCB36 Mock Midterm notes available

The notes for the seminar have been made available under courses -> B36.

In the seminar, I also covered 2 more using structural induction as the midterm outline requires, but I originally did a direct proof and attempted to convert it, which can be seen by the extra page for q2 soln.

2017-11-14Keegan Poon

CSCB36 Mock Midterm available

For anyone attending the seminar this Tuesday, the mock midterm(v3) in the B36 section of the site is going to be covered. If you would like to try it out prior to coming, go to Courses -> CSCB36 -> B36 Mock Midterm v3 2017/11/12.

  • Keegan Poon [AMACSS CSCB36 Academic Representative]

2017-11-12Keegan Poon

AMACSS Academics Website

The academics website has been completed.
Register an account under the "Register" button to stay up to date with the courses you wish to follow.

2017-08-28Mohammad Moustafa

AMACSS Academics Site

The new academics website is currently under construction. Please come back later.
Thank you

2017-08-22Mohammad Moustafa